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Welcome to!! This site will be the place to see all things Britt Miller, tons of exclusive video, photos, contest insight/preparation and learn all about Britt through her journal/blog. Britt is one of the best young female bodybuilders in the country and can use all the support she can get from her fans and we're going to try and give you a great value for your money.

December 13th

A big batch of recent gym clips posted today.

November 13th

New footage of Britt training legs from this summer posted today.

November 4th

Classic archival, but never before posted, footage of Britt today.

September 11th

Moron Test time for the usually brilliant Britt.

September 10th

Britt goes hard on some lat pulldowns in some new gym training footage posted today.

August 27th

The first set of new gym training footage from May 2009 posted today.

July 30th

The first set of new gym training footage from May 2009 posted today.

July 12th

More lost archive clips posted today; boxing clips still on the way.

July 2nd

The new batch of clips posted today is pretty awesome.

June 28th

A new clip posted today; clips of Britt boxing coming up this week.

June 16th

A new set of clips posted today feature the last part of Britt's incredible arm training.

May 13th

Britt's veins in her arms are popping like crazy in today's hot new gym clip.

May 11th

New gym clips posted today.

May 1st

Britt's newly posted gym video section featuring her "Incredible Biceps".

April 24th

Britt beautifies the beach with her physique in today's video update.

April 20th

Britt shows off her upper body in the Gulf in today's lost archives clips.

April 18th

Updates resume as we reach back into the vault today and post exclusive never-before-scene clips from Britt's first shoot ever in lean condition when she was just 8-10 weeks out from the 2005 USAs. There's a lot to come from these "lost archives" shoots we recently discovered and some fresher new stuff as well.

Jan 28th

A couple big new photo sets are posted today.

Jan 9th

Another brand new photo set posted today.

December 17th

A hot new photo set posted today.

December 7th

Check out the latest photo shoot pics of Britt shot early in November just a few weeks ago. Much more from this shoot over the coming weeks.

November 8th

New gym training clips posted today.

November 2nd

A new trio of gym clips posted today features the 2nd part of Britt's latest arms lifting session.

October 25th

Another batch of black dress clips posted today.

October 14th

An extra long posing clip posted today features Britt showing off her legs and the rest of her physique on a staircase.

October 11th

A new batch of posing clips posted today.

October 5th

See Britt posing in a little black dress in today's fresh new video update available in High Def, High Res and Low Res formats.

October 3rd

The first half of an arms gym session posted today.

October 1st

The last of the Miami Beach clips posted today.

September 21st

A new batch of clips from the contest shape Miami Beach shoot posted today.

September 9th

Glutes and hams work featured in today's extra long gym training clip.

September 7th

The last of the post-contest posing in lingerie clips posted today.

September 5th

Britt goes heavy on chest in today's gym footage update.

September 3rd

Two new beach clips added today.

August 25th

A trio of new clips from Britt's contest shape shoot with Femflex posted today.

August 22nd

Check out Britt's lastest blog entries which feature some candid shots of Britt's new very short hairdo.

August 16th

New contest shape clips from South Beach posted today.

August 11th

Britt trains legs in today's video update doing a full squats work out.

August 7th

A half dozen sizzling hot posing clips from Miami Beach posted today.

August 1st

The first batch of lingerie posing in HD is posted today courtesy of Femflex.

July 30th

Hack squats footage posted in today's gym training update.

July 23rd

Britt's been active on her blog lately and if you haven't seen it yet, she's just posted a picture of her new, shorter haircut!

July 13th

Britt trains legs and does leg press in a monster-sized clip posted in the gym training section today.

July 7th

New posing videos added today to the members section.

June 29th

A new video section starts off today with a bang with some homestyle casual flexing.

June 21st

New HD clips of Britt in the gym working calves and posing added today.

June 12th

A new HD posing clips posted today and also Britt and Cindy show off their funny bones in a parody of Cribs filmed by them while staying in a rental house in Las Vegas.

May 26th

New high def clips posted today.

May 19th

More new high def clips posted today with the first clips from the "In the Woods" batch.

May 11th

A new clip, "Awesome Arms", added to the long sleeves video section today; this is the final clip from that set.

May 8th

Added more high def clips of Britt as she rolls up her sleeves and poses in the video section.

May 7th

The "Country Girl" video page thumbnails have been fixed; also, low res .mpg versions of each of the high res WMV versions have been added for those of you who prefer to download mpgs.

May 6th

We've just got done shooting a lot of fresh and exclusive material with Britt for the site and we're proud to unveil the first clips of Britt posing in high definition format posted to the site in today's video update which features Britt's offseason condition from just last week.

May 4th

Check out the latest from Britt on her blog.

March 24th

Another big video update in the "Country Girl" video section.

March 8th

A big batch of new clips posted today.

February 17th

The last set of Fireside clips posted today.

January 27th

Another big new set of clips posted today.

January 23rd

A new batch of clips posted today in the "Country Girl" section.

January 19th

A new video section features Britt posing in lean but full condition by the fireplace.

January 12th

A complete set of gym training clips posted today features Britt only a few weeks out from her show training arms.

January 10th

A new batch of clips finishes up the "Muscle Beach" video section.

January 5th

A new gallery of pics posted today; check 'em out.

January 1st

More contest shape clips posted today; happy new year! Thanks for continuing to support Britt's website this year with your memberships.

December 29th

Videos of Britt posing in Atlantic City on the beach posted today.

December 20th

More contest shape posing footage posted today.

December 17th

A couple of candid clips posted today.

December 16th

Check out Britt's night show/finals posing routine freshly posted today.

December 14th

Stage footage from the prejudging posted today; see Britt's awesome physique during her individual routine and in prejudging lineups and comparisons at the national championships a few weeks ago.

December 1st

Contest shape posing clips of Britt from the day after 2007 Nationals posted today; and congrats to Britt for finishing 2nd in the light heavyweight class at the prestigious 2007 NPC Nationals. Britt looked amazing on stage and lost her class by only one single point to LHW and overall winner Kristy Hawkins. Look for new updates with footage from and after the show along with material from all of Britt's post-contest shoots to be posted here as well over the coming months.

November 27th

Another new photo set posted today.

November 22nd

85 awesome new shots of Britt ripped and showing off the entire package in her newest photo set.

November 8th

A new gallery posted today feature Britt in 5 weeks out condition from this year's NPC Nationals. More to come from this shoot.

October 20th

Britt finishes off her arm workout in today's last set of "Arms Race" clips. You may have noticed the new images on the front page from Britt's latest shoots. Look for new pics and clips to come from that within the next couple weeks. Also, Britt's email has been updated on the site; the old one hadn't been working for the last few months.

October 13th

Tricep pushdowns are on the docket of today's video clips.

October 9th

A new set of clips posted today feature Britt blasting her biceps with some cable work.

October 5th

A new set of mind-blowing biceps clips posted today features Britt pushing her limits and getting a great pump using dumbbells for curls.

August 31st

Britt goes for 10 plates per side in today's leg press clip.

August 23rd

Britt goes for 810 lbs in today's leg press clip.

August 18th

New biceps training clips posted today, the heaviest of the machine curls set and posing afterwards.

August 16th

Britt goes up to 720 lbs plus the apparatus weight in today's leg press clip which also features some incredible posing footage.

August 12th

Two new photo sets posted today in the casual galleries.

August 11th

Britt goes for 680 lbs of plates on the leg press in today's leg press progression clip.

August 5th

A new leg press clip/set added today.

August 4th

A new contest shape gallery added today.

August 3rd

The intense biceps workout continues in today's biceps in the gym series clips.

August 2nd

Britt tries 590 lbs in today's leg press maxing out series clip.

July 27th

Lifting heavier and pumped up flexing in today's next couple of leg press sets.

July 21st

Britt goes heavier in a super set of machine bicep curls today.

July 20th

Britt takes it up another notch on leg press in today's update.

July 16th

Britt doing machine curls and pushing 410lbs on the leg press.

July 11th

Britt pushing 360lbs on the leg press!

July 10th

New material of Britt working hard on the leg press. These clips are just a few in a series that will show her progressivly lifting heavier weights and eventually maxing out!

June 17th

More videos of Britt in offseason condition & two new photo sets (physique art and sculpted)

June 11th

A current look at Britt's offseason muscle mass in a new set of posing clips posted today.

May 27th

Four new photo sets of Britt after Nationals, b&w photo sets and showing off her inner peak!

May 17th

Two new Physique Art Galleries and one photo set taken by GeneX.

May 4th

2 Photo sets of Britt and Cindy having a fun time in the pool. 2 photo sets of "casual" Britt. Video clips of Britt training in the gym.

April 22nd

Just submitted, we have contest footage from the 2005 USAs where Britt won the middleweight female bodybuilding division at just 20 years old.

April 21st

A fun new gallery of pics posted today in the "Casual" photo section.

April 17th

Britt is working triceps in today's new gym training clips.

April 7th

Britt breaks out the guns for some target training in today's new gym footage.

March 31st

A new gallery of black and white images are posted today.

March 25th

A new gallery posted to the "Legs" section of the website today.

March 23rd

Two new Red Rock galleries posted today, one featuring Britt & Cindy together.

March 18th

Part two of the new Britt lifting session posted today in the gym training section.

March 17th

New gym training clips posted today.

March 11th

Another new photo set posted today..

March 8th

A couple of new galleries posted today showcase Britt around the Muscle Mansion jacuzzi and pool.

March 2nd

Check out Britt's "Epic Proportions" in a big new photo set posted today.

February 27th

Two more new galleries posted today.

February 24th

Two new galleries posted today.

February 17th

A new contest shape gallery posted today.

February 16th

Britt poses with her good friend and fellow young female bodybuilder Cindy Phillips in today's new photo galleries.

February 13th

A big new gallery of Britt in lean condition has been posted today in the photo gallery section of the site; also, check out Britt's blog for all the latest from Britt.

February 10th

Two new photo sets posted today.

February 7th

A couple more new photo sets feature Britt in an at home setting, but doing some remarkable posing.

February 5th

Two more new galleries from Britt's offseason Red Rock Canyon shoot are posted today.

January 30th

Two new galleries from Britt's offseason Red Rock Canyon shoot are posted today.

January 16th

All the rumors are untrue; Britt clarifies her bodybuilding future in today's blog update.

January 7th

Two new galleries have been unearthed from last year's contest shape shoots and they've been posted in the photo section today.

January 6th

Britt is back making appearances on sure to keep an eye out for her. Registration is free.

January 3rd

Today's hot new photo gallery features the steamier side of Britt's personality; its not to be missed.

January 1st

We kick off the new year with an ultra-hot gallery of Britt posing in her Miami hotel suite bathroom mirror.

December 25th

Happy holidays; new contest shape posing clips posted today.

December 20th

A new gallery posted today focusing on Britt's back in contest shape.

December 13th

Another contest shape gallery added today; the first contest shape clips will be posted this week.

December 9th

Britt lays out and muscles up in a new gallery posted today from her Miami Beach shoots.

December 6th

Another hot new contest shape gallery of Britt posted today from her beach shoot.

December 4th

A new gallery posted today called "Wet n Wild".

December 1st

Another contest shape gallery posted today; this one features Britt's 6-pack at the beach.

November 30th

Check out Britt's well-conditioned lower physique in a new gallery of pics posted today.

November 28th

Contest shape "Body Shots" are posted today in a new gallery of pictures; also, check out Britt's blog for her latest entry detailing her Miami experience.

November 23rd

The first photoshoot galleries of Britt the weekend of Nationals are posted today; happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate.

November 21st

Another big posing clip posted today features Britt doing some awesome post-contest posing in a mesh top.

November 20th

Some candid pics of Britt after her contest the night of the show posted today. Thanks to TomNine for the photos.

November 19th

A five minute long examination of Britt's physique is posted in a new video section featuring extra big video clips. This clip was shot by guest videographer Tre Scott the night after NPC Nationals.

November 18th

Congrats to Britt for finishing 3rd in a very strong field of middleweights at NPC Nationals this week. We did a lot of shooting for the website at the show and much will be posted over the coming weeks to make up for the last month without updates on the site.

The first new posing clips have been posted today. Also, please note that Britt's email address has changed. Use the new one linked from the site instead of the old one which she no longer accesses.

October 17th

A new complete set of gym clips is posted today in the gym training session.

October 5th

Two more galleries posted from shoots with Britt in contest shape from last year; Britt is currently dieting and is 6 weeks out from her first NPC Nationals and we're looking forward to bring you a ton of members content with her in contest shape this year.

September 28th

An extra long five minute plus video of all the armwrestling action from the Britt-Cindy webcam shows is posted today; coming this weekend, fresh gym footage of Britt.

September 19th

Britt talks, lifts and carries, poses down and whoops it up with Cindy in a new batch of clips from their special duo live webcam shows this summer.

September 18th

Check out Britt's astonishing abs in today's fresh new photo update.

August 27th

Some extra-long, extra-juicy clips posted today feature Britt and Cindy taking requests and having a ball; in other news, Britt just started dieting for Nationals and we'll be doing a contest countdown and receiving video footage of her as she leans down over the next few months.

August 15th

Hang out with Britt and Cindy as the webcam jacuzzi after-party; some great stuff here.

August 13th

A new video section is posted today which features posing clips and highlights from a May 2006 Offseason shoot with Britt at Red Rock Canyon; where she was flexing in three different hot outfits.

August 8th

Britt's latest blog entry keeps you up to date on what's been going on in her life lately.

August 2nd

More jacuzzi webcam clips posted today; apologies for the repeats the other day. That was a big oops.

July 22nd

Britt's glutes and pecs are the subject of discussion in the jacuzzi in an extra-long two and a half minute video clip posted today.

July 20th

The first clips from the Britt-Cindy tandem live webcam shows are posted today. The ones posted today are from in and around the jacuzzi.

July 18th

A big new set of pics posted today of Britt taken this offseason in May.

July 17th

A new T-Bar Rows strength clip posted today.

July 13th

A new T-Bar Rows strength clip posted today.

July 11th

The last gallery from the Robby Brand picture sets with Britt are posted today.

July 8th

See Britt posing in a bikini in a photo set added to the Casual Galleries section today.

July 6th

New video posted today features Britt trying to crank out 3 and a half plate on T Bar Rows.

July 5th

A new gallery posted today features Britt in the pool.

June 28th

A new video clip posted today features Britt pumped up and posing in the gym.

June 25th

The latest in the series of T Bar Rows Strength Challenge clips posted today features Britt attempting 3 plates and there's a posing clip as well.

June 24th

A big new set of pics featuring Britt in a tank top posted today.

June 22nd

A long-awaited set of photos posted today in the Legs photos section features Britt's amazing glutes/hams/quads in contest condition.

June 21st

Check out Britt's latest journal entry with a hot new candid pic of Britt at home in her room.

June 19th

Over a hundred fresh new pictures posted today in the members section.

June 14th

A new set of gym clips posted today features Britt working her legs at their leanest and hardest.

June 12th

Check out Britt's latest thoughts and a few highlight pics for free in her online journal (link on front page of site).

June 10th

A new strength challenge video section starts today, the T-Bar Rows Strength Challenge.

June 7th

Hot off the presses is a brand new gallery of Britt in her current shape from her shoots several weeks ago in Las Vegas. Check out "Busting Out" in a new section of the picture galleries. Also, Britt is now appearing regularly on and would love for everybody to go and visit her on her webcam live from North Carolina. Registration is free on the site.

June 6th

An extra long, extra big video clip posted today features Britt in lean shape in the gym pounding out some stiff-legged deadlifts.

June 4th

If you haven't been checking out Britt's Blog, you've been missing out on a lot.

May 24th

A new gym video section added today features Britt pumped up and posing for the camera.

May 21st

Britt's blog has been updated today with a recap of her trip to Las Vegas and some pics; all the material shot during the trip will be posted here over the next couple months.

May 19th

Britt's perfectly muscular legs are featured in a highlights gallery posted today.

May 14th

Britt arrived in Las Vegas today, so she'll be on webcam late tonight and many times the rest of the week (including with Cindy); today's update features an amazing biceps workout with tons of footage of Britt in very lean condition.

May 13th

An old/new set of pics from early last year posted today as we exhaust some of the older archive of pics as we prepare for all the new, fresh material.

April 28th

Two new contest shape galleries posted in the members photos section.

April 27th

A new blog post today from Britt with a new pic of her current offseason shape.

April 23rd

In the final biceps strength clip in the series, Britt tries to bicep curl 150 lbs. Having already beaten Cindy in the head-to-head challenge, Britt goes for the cash bonus.

April 22nd

Britt goes for 140 lbs on bicep curls today in the video section and Britt has posted a couple preview pics in her blog from some future members galleries featuring the amazing photography of David Kippen and the rock hard condition of Britt in contest shape.

April 21st

A big new set of pics today featuring the work of Robert Brand is posted in the "photographers" section of the picture galleries; in Britt's blog, she exhaustively details one of her latest exhausting lifting sessions in the gym.

April 19th

Britt goes for 135 lbs on bicep curls in today's strength challenge video clip.

April 18th

A cool new set of pics posted in the "Flex on the Beach" section of the photo galleries.

April 16th

Britt goes for 130 lbs on bicep curls in today's clip from the strength challenge.

April 14th

Britt tries 125 lbs on bicep curls in today's strength challenge video clip.

April 12th

A new set of pictures posted today featuring Britt in offseason condition posing in a sports bra.

April 11th

Britt attempts 120 lbs on bicep curls in today's curl challenge clip; also check out Britt's latest thoughts on her online journal updated today.

April 9th

Britt attempts an amazing 115 lbs on bicep curls in today's curl challenge clip.

April 8th

Britt goes for 110 lbs bicep curls in today's bicep curl challenge clip.

April 7th

How about 105 lbs?

April 6th

Britt goes for an amazing 100 lbs in today's bicep curls challenge video.

April 5th

A small set of pics posted of Britt in offseason condition from early 2005 in a dress that showed off the full extent of her physique.

April 4th

Britt goes for 95 lbs in today's bicep curls challenge clip posted today; also, check out the latest from Britt in today's online journal posting.

April 2nd

Several cool new photo sets posted today featuring Britt in some candid moments and highlighting the sharpness of her physique with some black and white and color-effect pictures; also, check Britt out curling 90 lbs in her bicep curl strength challenge clip of the day.

April 1st

The first set of clips posted today from the Biceps Curls Challenge.